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 bach2roq and High Plains Providores are pleased to offer music camps at Falls Creek, the delightful mountain resort in North-Eastern Victoria, one of the leading alpine venues in Australia. bach2roq has over 30 years experience in music education, specialising is group  and solo tuition in a wide range of styles and levels. High Plains Providores has more than 30 years experience in alpine hospitality. Together they combine there cultural interests in providing a most unique opportunity to learn, play  and record music on the mountain and experience the rarefied pleasures of the terra at altitude. It's a chance to 

rock groups jazz groups vocal groups chamber groups soloists theory & aural training orchestras


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For corporate camps there are also

*extra fees apply, quotes on application


The music camps are for anyone who can or wants to participate in music. This can accommodate students of all levels - from beginners to advanced, and of a range of styles from classical to rock. Music sessions are generally in a group format, although solo lessons in some cases will be considered, depending on enrolments. 

Duration The camps may last from 3 day weekend (Friday-Sunday) or 5 day (Monday-Friday) and  will commence  

Day one of the camps involve enrolments, group assignments, timetable, and a workshop of the aims of the camp. The playing sessions start as soon as possible after that.
Days 2- the final day include:

The last evening/afternoon will involve a concert for all participants (optional). We would like everyone to perform, even if in a group. This gives you something to aim for during the sessions. Group performance is encouraged. Solo performance is optional - we realize that performance is stressful, and will provide every encouragement. 


Students should arrange to bring their own instrument(s) and arrive on day one to be prepared for lessons to start in the afternoon. 

Instruments will be available for sale or hire. Orders should be should be made on booking. 


Students will be assigned to a teacher in a group with other students of similar interests and abilities. The exact assignment of the groups will depend on the students that enrol. This will be determined on day one. In most cases we would expect to have some idea of the level of students when they enrol to assist the planning.


Evening meal & performances The evening meals are a highlight at the local lodges. The cuisine is superb, and the company always pleasant. Lyn, your host at High Plains Providors, has a unique ability to make everyone feel at home. Added to this will be live music from the teachers and students.  They can sit back and relax, and take notes - or maybe do better.


Styles of music offered - a range of musical styles will be taught - from classical, jazz, rock and pop. See www.bachroq.com for a range of music that is offered. 


Sheet music will also be provided at the camp but students are encouraged to contribute music to the classes. We encourage groups to suggest a syllabus as soon as possible after enrolment.


Fees on application

All enquiries and bookings:

Lyn Greene
Manager, High Plain Providors
tel 03 57583346

email: lyn@highplainsprovidores.com.au



Each student should provide the following information upon registration:



It is the responsibility of a nominated group leader to collate all information on students, and apyments.


Briefly answer the following questions:

· Which instrument(s)/vocal group will you be enrolling in?
· How many people will accompany you (not enrolled students)?
· How many years have you played/sung?
· Do you have an instrument (not required for vocalists)? 
· Do you need to buy or hire and instrument for the camp?
· Have you attempted music grades? If so, what grade and organization eg Grade 2 AMEB
· What is your musical preference eg classical, jazz, rock, pop, folk…?
· What do you expect to get out of the camp?
· Tells us a little about yourself:

Falls Creek, one of Australia's leading ski resorts, is situated in North-East Victoria, about 30 minutes drive from Mt Beauty (about 4 hours from Melbourne)



Falls Creek


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